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​​Chronic pain, failed back surgery, low back pain, neck pain, muscle pain, joint pain, sciatica, arthritis......Get Pain Relief that you deserve!  Don't live in pain!

Get pain relief today from your chronic back, neck, muscles, and joint pains.  You deserve to live pain free.  Don't wait any longer........get relief from PAIN !

fitness, pain, pain relief, back pain, sciatic pain, exercise
pain relief, pain, sciatica, wellness, chronic back pain, health
pain relief, pain, sciatica, wellness, chronic back pain, health

Just walk over to that special seat right in your living room. Sit down. Lean back. And experience near-instant pain relief.

Tight muscles will melt like butter. Sharp nerve pain and sciatica pain disappear.

A few minutes later, you'll jump up ready for the day feeling like a new person.

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pain relief, trigger point, pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia, health, wellness, fitness, chronic pain, neck pain

Inversion tables uses gravity to decompress your spine by reversing the direction gravity pulls on it.
Now there’s a better way. Let your spine decompress itself in one simple stretch.
Introducing the Back Ease - Spinal Decompression System.
No turning upside down like old fashioned inversion tables.
No expensive doctor visits for overpriced machinery.
Simply lean into the Back Ease - Spinal Decompression System and you get fas t back pain relief - any time you want it!
It really couldn’t be any simpler...

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pain relief, pain, sciatica, wellness, chronic back pain, health

Developed by a board-certified neurological chiropractor who sought relief for his own disabling low-back and chronic shoulder-arm pain, the Trigger Point Self-Treatment System allows you to pressure massage your trigger points in the comfort of your own home and as often as necessary.  Click the image to learn more about this amazing system!

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